17th of May – Celebrating Norway

Gratulerer med dagen Norge! – that’s Norwegian for Happy Birthday Norway! Today we were celebrating Norway’s independence day, and it’s one of my favorite days a year. All the Norwegians in New York come together on this day to celebrate our country. Usually, we always meet up at the Norwegian Church, where all the activities are. They have Norwegian food, entertainment, games, and people in our national folk clothes, called “Bunad”. You could see people in the Bunad in my video above, I think it’s such a beautiful outfit.

Anyways, my friends and I overslept and didn’t make it to the church. We didn’t want to rush on this day, so we had a traditional Champagne breakfast at home instead. After too much food, we headed over to the main rooftop party at the Bowery Hotel. The view from the rooftop deck there is stunning! It was a lot of people, and not only Norwegians, everyone seemed to be having a great time.

We stayed there until 10 pm ish, then we went to Pizza Beach to eat. I’m serious, they have the best vegan/GF pizza ever, it’s located at 167 Orchard St. Again, after too much food and drinks, Jon and I was too tired to hang out, so we took an early night and went home to bed. It was a fun day, the times I get to hang out with my friends during the day is amazing. Everyone is always so busy, but today we all took off work, and it was a great decision!

I hope all my Norwegian readers and everyone else had an amazing day too! Talk to you very soon ♥


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