Bar Virage

“Can I have a 7th St Mash please?”

Bar Virage has been our go-to spot here in the East Village, they have amazing Israeli food and great drinks! Their happy hour menu is also a worth mentioning, $6 wine, $5 beer, and cocktails go for $12. It’s usually pretty busy right after work, especially if the weather is nice and people want to sit outside. Late afternoon is the best time to go. I always get the hummus, falafel, Israeli salad, and 1 cocktail to top it all, mhhhhm. For the vegans out there, don’t worry! They have a lot of vegan-friendly items on the menu, so you can go a wild.

Marianne and I have been going to Bar Virage hundred times, so after Silje moved in, it was only natural to bring her to our favorite spot. We all ate way too much and sat there till the sun went down. This is a typical summer night in New York, friends, good food, and drinks outside. I love summer in New York!



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