Our apartment in Guatemala

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts, but the Wifi in Guatemala has been non-existing. I do however have a bunch of content to share with you guys. So excuse the delays in some posts!

Guatemala has surpassed my expectations! What a beautiful country, with great nature, atmosphere, and people, and don’t get me started on the amazing food. I felt like we left New York in a rush, so it was nice to come to a country that was so calm and warm, some places in Antigua actually felt like time was standing still. Jon and I are both super social people, so just being away from everything for a few days felt pretty good. The only thing that was a bit stressful was the Wifi situation, I really wanted to post to my blog and Youtube, but there was no way to do that. I was almost not able to upload pics and stories to Instagram.

Anyways, back to my headline. Here are some pictures of where we stayed in Guatemala. We had rented a beautiful Airbnb in Antigua, and I couldn’t have been happier. Ricardo our Airbnb host was super nice and eager to help us with whatever we needed. His staff was also super sweet, it put a smile on our face every morning when we ran into them outside.

Safety was a small concern we had before we got there, but when we arrived we saw that the apartment complex was hidden behind a secure gate. A lot of people were telling us that Guatemala was dangerous, and even on the US government site, it said we should reconsider traveling. I can’t talk for all of Guatemala, but in Antigua where we were, it felt super safe. I even left my credit card in the ATM the first day, but the old women that worked in the shop next door kept it safe for me ♥

Where in the world is your favorite Airbnb?


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    1. Yeah, and I got it back. But now Jon lost my card here in Thailand… LOL. Yes, the house was sooo cute. You would have loved it 🙂 xx

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