Anine Bing – Store Opening

Where do I even begin? First, Anine Bing is even more of a sweetheart than you can ever imagine. There’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of hers for many years. I’ve been following her path for guidance and inspiration, as she is building her empire. It was really cool that I got to talk to her and ask her some questions. She was super humble and down to earth, so it was not scary talking to her at all.

The event itself was super cute. The room was filled with great energy, young aspiring entrepreneurs, and fashionistas. Manicure, massage, rose or cookies, they had everything you wanted. My obsession with hummus is real, so when I saw their beet hummus cups I was sold, I think I had 3 servings lol. Their catering was great, a bunch of healthy vegan and nonvegan options.

1.Anine Bing – Entrepreneur and founder of Anine Bing Clothing line. 2.Katie Jane Hughes – Makeup Artist for Glossier 3. Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton – Entrepreneur and founder of Chillhouse NYC  4.Alyssa Coscarelli – Senior fashion market editor at Refinery 29

Part of the event was this panel, where these four superwomen talked about their experiences and struggle to become where they are today. It was very inspiring, they were stressing the importance of building your own brand and promoting that. Instagram marketing was one thing they all had in common, it’s one of the best ways to promote yourself or your brand. When it comes to the store itself, I was blown away. The decor, styling, and clothes made you feel like you wanted to move in there. It actually looked a lot like Anine Bing’s home in LA.



Dress Forever 21 | Boots Zara | Bag Forever 21 | Glasses Aldo | Watch Guess

How cute is this polka-dot dress? I found it right before we were leaving to the Caribbean, I was supposed to get bikinis, but this dress had to come home with me too. How are you guys? Here in New York the weather so is incredibly unpredictable! It was warm when we left the apartment, but of course, right when we were starting to take pictures a tiny cold storm hit us. Luckily I was able to play it off pretty good, can’t see the struggle in the photos lol.


Vintage Denim

 Jacket Vintage Calvin Klein | Jeans Zara | T-shirt Vintage Calvin Klein | Sunglasses Cubus | Bag Forever 21 | Sneakers Vans

Good morning everyone! I’m kind of in love in the lighting turned out in these pictures. Silje and I found an old hidden rooftop, while we were out scouting for locations to shoot. The jacket I’m wearing is an old treasure I found here in New York at my local vintage shop, L Train Vintage. I think I paid $30 for it, so it was a very good deal! My sister might kick my ass when she sees this post because it’s her t-shirt that she bought in the 90s when crop tops were the shit. But then again, that’s what sisters are for right?


About Me

Hey, I’m Camilla, 25 years old from a small town in Norway. When I was 19 I decided to pack all my things and buy a one-way ticket to New York. I was supposed to stay there for 4 months, now it’s been 5 years and I’m still here…. The amount of adventures up’s and down’s, people I’ve met and the things I’ve learned while living here are uncountable. If someone told me 5 years ago, I would end up working for high-end fashion magazines, style celebrities, organize photo shoots, cast models, work on movies and music videos – I would not believe them. The truth is, if you work hard (for free in the beginning), say yes, and have a good attitude, you’ll get a long way.

Anyways, back to this blog. I’ve been wanting to publish it for a while, but never felt ready. The thing is, I guess you will never be ready, or 100% happy with the look, design, or content ++. So I figured, I’m just gonna jump in, and learn as I go. It’s about time you guys get a real insight into my world. This blog will mainly focus on my travels, daily life in New York, sustainability, vegan food, work, and tips and advice.

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