House Tour – Tulum AirBnb

Where: Tulum, Mexico.

This was the Airbnb we stayed in for a week when we were in Tulum. We paid around $1000 for 6 nights, so $200 each. By the look of it, you would think it was perfect right? But, it had a few flaws, like there were ants everywhere and other small insects. Also, the electricity would go on and off several times a day, which was very inconvenient for Jon and me since we were working. And lastly, they had a lot of construction going on right outside our window every morning. And they were painting the whole front side of our apartment, so we would step in paint and get it on our shoes and clothes everytime we walked in and out. But except that, it was a nice looking apartment with a good kitchen and nice bedrooms and bathrooms.

See the full house tour in my latest YouTube video at the end of the post. 

This was me and Jons bedroom. It was huge and looked really nice. I loved to wake up to that view every day ♥

We had 3 nice bedrooms, this was my sister Fabiola’s room.

The last bedroom belonged to my little sister Charlotte and her boyfriend. Also, super nice view!

Our pool was nice, and we had it to ourselves the whole time.

Conclusion: This apartment did have a great potential to be a 5-star place to stay. But with the price we paid and all the flaws, I only want to give it 3+ stars. And yes, I know you have to expect things like this when you are in another country. But we have all traveled a lot, so our “complaints” have a solid background. But anyways, we had a great time in Tulum and did not spend too much time inside so everything worked out.

Stars: ∗∗∗(+) 


Our apartment in Guatemala

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts, but the Wifi in Guatemala has been non-existing. I do however have a bunch of content to share with you guys. So excuse the delays in some posts!

Guatemala has surpassed my expectations! What a beautiful country, with great nature, atmosphere, and people, and don’t get me started on the amazing food. I felt like we left New York in a rush, so it was nice to come to a country that was so calm and warm, some places in Antigua actually felt like time was standing still. Jon and I are both super social people, so just being away from everything for a few days felt pretty good. The only thing that was a bit stressful was the Wifi situation, I really wanted to post to my blog and Youtube, but there was no way to do that. I was almost not able to upload pics and stories to Instagram.

Anyways, back to my headline. Here are some pictures of where we stayed in Guatemala. We had rented a beautiful Airbnb in Antigua, and I couldn’t have been happier. Ricardo our Airbnb host was super nice and eager to help us with whatever we needed. His staff was also super sweet, it put a smile on our face every morning when we ran into them outside.

Safety was a small concern we had before we got there, but when we arrived we saw that the apartment complex was hidden behind a secure gate. A lot of people were telling us that Guatemala was dangerous, and even on the US government site, it said we should reconsider traveling. I can’t talk for all of Guatemala, but in Antigua where we were, it felt super safe. I even left my credit card in the ATM the first day, but the old women that worked in the shop next door kept it safe for me ♥

Where in the world is your favorite Airbnb?